Signs Of Apocalypse: Temperature Rising At Doomsday Level According To Scientists


#Doomsday #ApocalypseSigns Of Apocalypse: Temperature Rising At Doomsday Level According To Scientists : The future of our planet Earth seems to be so apocalyptic from the fact that it is on the course of global warming, with seven degrees Celsius within a lifetime! This could seriously be a “game over” as warned by eminent scientists in this field.

There have been continuous and sincere efforts from the scientists all over the world on how the earth’s climate will react to the greenhouse gases people are pumping into the atmosphere.

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change(IPCC) says that if people continue their businesses as usual with the use of large amounts of fossil fuel, the average temperature of Earth will rise between 2.6 and 4.8 degrees above the normal pre-industrial levels by year 2100.

However, according to Independent, new research by experts from an International team said that this can be a major underestimate since they looked how the Earth’s climate has responded over a span of 800,000 years.

They also believed that the climate is more sensitive when it goes warmer. According to a research paper, the scientists said that the actual raise of temperature can be between 4.78 to 7.36 degrees Celsius by 2100 based on their calculations.

But the newly elected U.S. president Donald Trump seems to be giving a massive blow to the United States’ standing in the issue of climate change. While the world is gathering in Marrakesh to talk about the Paris climate Agreement, Trump said he will rip up the Paris Agreement according to a report by Fortune. He also added that he believed that the climate change is just a hoax created by the Chinese people.

Trump is in support of the U.S. energy production efforts from coal to natural gas but he is inclined towards removing the regulations in the industry. Moreover, he wants to block the controversial Clean Power Plan of Obama which calls power companies to lower the greenhouse gas emissions. Source:Morningnewsusa