Sony PlayStation 4 Pro vs Microsoft Xbox One S: Is PlayStation 4 Pro best for a PlayStation VR?


#PS4Pro #XboxOneSSony PlayStation 4 Pro vs Microsoft Xbox One S: Is PlayStation 4 Pro best for a PlayStation VR? : Xbox One S, which was released this summer, features some upgrades such as 4K Blu-ray and High Dynamic Range (HDR) support. The Microsoft’s console will battle against Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro, a console that marks a turning point for the modern console era.

Console fans suspected that the Xbox One S console will be the last console generation and that gamers will leave consoles and play free mobile games and cheaper PCs. However, the consoles are still selling well three years down the line.

Xbox One S release came with the biggest enhancement pertaining to media while the PS4 Pro on the other hand, saw more gaming power. This power pushes the PS4 library to new heights with 4K resolution, either up scaled or natively. In addition, the PlayStation VR headset gives a boost to the virtual reality (VR).

Console fans speculate a tit-for-tat battle between the two gaming giants, Sony and Microsoft, having in mind that Microsoft has its own Project Scorpio console for 2017. Therefore, users should compare how the two consoles rank in each major category before an upgrade.

The new Xbox One S model adds a little extra GPU and CPU power for developers to work with. This feature is used to enable high dynamic range (HDR) lighting for wider contrast and assists with upscaling the 1080p graphics into 4K for compatible TVs.

Such advancement can be used to smooth out the frame rate and even enhance the graphics. According to Polygon, “Gears of War 4” developers at The Coalition admitted back at E3 that any game upscaled to 4K can be a little hit or miss on the Xbox One S. However, a game such as “Rise of the Tomb Raider” looks spectacular right out of the box.

The PS4 Pro’s new GPU, on the other hand, is significantly powerful than the one in the PS4 model. Most games do not run natively at 4K, which is a feat at a high frame rate on even a costly gaming PC, but some do, and others at least run at higher than 1080p or use an inventive upscaling technique termed the “2160p checkerboard” that looks pretty fantastic.