Three Reasons Why The ‘Nintendo Switch’ Might Fail


#NintendoSwitch #GamingThree Reasons Why The ‘Nintendo Switch’ Might Fail : Gaming console companies are trying to attract gamers and enthusiasts with each of their consoles through incorporating some interesting features that would ultimately separate their console from the other competition.

Whether it be amping up the graphical quality, or incorporating the new content of featuring new games into their console, these companies are always looking to make themselves unique.

But among these companies, Nintendo is probably the one who likes to take things to the extreme. Right now, Nintendo is making a big, bold entry back into the gaming market with its newest piece of the gaming console, the Nintendo Switch. A lot of people were hyped with the Switch upon its introduction, but at the same time, there were also critics and doubts about it.

Why the Switch might fail its purpose

The Nintendo Switch is a hybrid console that you can play in the comfort of your home, or on the go. The console is detachable, allowing portability and convenience to each player.

Despite its quirky feature, early on, critics weren’t as impressed with the new platform. Here are three reasons why the Nintendo Switch might fail completely:

The Switch is limited, graphics-wise

The Switch is on the verge of being a great and innovative gaming console, different from current-gen consoles by being a portable, shape-changing platform that has the ability to turn into both a home-based console and a portable gaming device.

But with that said, the feature of the console being portable does bring some limitations to it, particularly on the graphical side, where since the console has settled with a lower mobile-like processor, it is only able to run graphics quality of up to 720P.

Nintendo hasn’t been known to produce very great consoles in recent years

The Nintendo Switch is meant to be an AIO (all-in-one) gaming console that features removable controllers and a screen that can be plugged into your TV set or taken with you for gaming on the go.

With that being said, Nintendo historically has been struggling to compete in the consoles market with Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox in the years since it released the innovative-yet-flopped Wii back in the mid-2000s.