UFO sightings: Glowing Fleet filmed over Lake Michigan


#UFO #AlienUFO sightings: Glowing Fleet filmed over Lake Michigan : One fleet of alien spacecraft were filmed recently. They were caught by the camera when the glowing objects were spotted travelling in formation.

They were seven glowing objects that seemed to be flying in a particular formation above Lake Michigan. The very fact that they were following a particular pattern, and were moving in intelligent formation seemed to indicate that they were UFOs, not just glowing lanterns.

There is one point in the flim during which the lead object suddenly outflies the others at top speed. Said UFO blogger Scott C Waring in ufosightingsdaily.com: “The UFOs were following each other.

It’s really a remarkable sighting. First off, most lanterns are red. Second, even if it is a white lantern, the fire below it will still be red orange and we do not see that. Third, the front UFO is moving way faster than the wind.

“I am confident in this sighting and it is great that someone caught it on video for us.” So are these part of the alien “plan” to attack the earth in September 2017? The warning regarding alien invasion was seemingly issued by President Barack Obama to Russian President Putin and was captured in a highly classified Kremlin video, which leaked into the Internet.

Perhaps. But the entire explanation of the UFOs over Michigan was punctured by another observer, who gave an explanation: “They line planes up over Lake Michigan before they land at O’Hare airport.They move very slowly and might appear to be hovering at the right angle.” Source: Hngn