Windows 10 Anniversary Update – Microsoft unveils a new way to touch your device


#Windows10 #MicrosoftWindows 10 Anniversary Update – Microsoft unveils a new way to touch your device : Microsoft has revealed a new way to interact with your PC devices with a new update to Windows 10. Windows 10 build 14965 brings a number of new improvements and upgrades, but also includes a virtual trackpad that will make connecting multiples devices together easier than ever.

The update means that you’ll be able to connect a tablet to an external monitor, PC or TV to show off your pictures, watch a film, or play games. In order to access the virtual touchpad, users will simply need to connect up their devices, then go in to Action Centre and tap on the “Project” Quick Action to extend your screen.

You’ll then need to press and hold on the taskbar, before selecting “Show touchpad button”. A touchpad icon will then appear in the notification area, which when selected will bring up the virtual touchpad.

The touchpad can then be used much like the system on your usual tablet or PC device to access or move items around on the second screen. This includes the option for a right- and left-click option at the bottom of the touchpad, which can be tweaked to customise gestures.

The launch comes after it was revealed that Microsoft had been working on a similar touchscreen interface to Apple’s new Touch Bar. The company patented a design for an adaptive keyboard back in 2010, following a contest an an American university which looked to develop a futuristic input device.

However Microsoft apparently decided against developing a product featuring the technology, as it focused on its software development. It would later imbue its own hardware devices with touchscreen capability, as seen in the Surface Pro and Surface Book devices.

Microsoft revealed earlier this year that over 400 million active devices, including phones, tablets and desktop computers, are now running its Windows 10 software, making it the fastest-adopted release in history. The figures mean Microsoft is edging closer to its ultimate goal of having Windows 10 running on a billion devices worldwide.

The number should also be boosted by the release of Windows 10 Creators Update early next year. The next major upgrade to Windows 10 will be released asa a free upgrade early in 2017, featuring improvements in 3D technology, gaming, and HoloLens support. Source: express