2016 MacBook Pro vs. 2017 MacBook Air: Apple’s Plans For Its Future Mac Products


#MacBookPro #MacBookAir – 2016 MacBook Pro vs. 2017 MacBook Air: Apple’s Plans For Its Future Mac Products : On October 27, when Apple officially unveiled the 2016 MacBook Pro, there was no news about the next generation of the MacBook Air. And while the new device is lighter and thinner than its predecessors, there was still a gap left for an entry-level notebook from the Cupertino-based company. If the rumors are anything to go by, however, this whole will soon be filled.

The 2016 MacBook Pro, which has started shipping out, is a spectacular piece of technology. As Apple Insider notes, the 15-inch model, which automatically comes with the innovative Touch Bar, is able to smoothly edit 5K ProRes footage on Final Cut Pro X. The publication even goes as far as to state that the new unit runs faster than its Windows counterparts, which boast superior specifications.

The previously mentioned Touch Bar provides users with quick access to various features and shortcuts that are specific to the opened application. The entire feature supposedly makes the experience of using the 2016 MacBook Pro more efficient and enjoyable. Users, essentially, have quick access to various commands because of this addition.

The publication then went on to note that while having to get used to the USB Type C or Thunderbolt 3 ports might take some getting used to, it will undoubtedly be a non-issue after some months of use. This is true for most of Apple’s products, which have often times pushed the limits of how technology is viewed and used by the general public. It is understandable how the 2016 MacBook Pro is no exception.

Even before the 2016 MacBook Pro was officially made public, there was speculation that Apple would discontinue its line of MacBook Air units. The reasoning was that the new Pro would be lighter and thinner than any other product that the Cupertino-based company had released. And while the idea was an exciting one, there were still a group of Apple enthusiasts that were crushed at the thought.

As International Business Times AU notes, Apple will likely release another MacBook Air unit before discontinuing the line altogether. Therefore, some sources have picked up on the hint of a 2017 MacBook Air device. And while the 2016 MacBook Pro is thinner and lighter than anything before it, the new Air will stick to its definition and will be even more lightweight.