Alien mega structure on Moon’s Tycho crater is a proof that aliens exist: UFO Sightings


#Alien #MoonAlien mega structure on Moon’s Tycho crater is a proof that aliens exist: UFO Sightings : Another proof of intelligent alien life has been uncovered by the alien hunters as they have found an alien megastructure on the Moon. This time UFOlogist Scott C Waring has discovered the mysterious structure located on the Tycho Crater on the lunar surface.

It seems that every image released by the US space agency NASA is revealing something that hints toward the existence of alien life. Alien seekers have found giant megastructures made of ceramic that appear white in color. These structures are standing vertically at 90 degree with respect to ground.

“These black structures are biochemically grown and these produce another type of alien lunar structures or what is now termed as the alien megastructures,” said Waring

Scott Waring says, “It is absolute proof that alien exist even now on our moon. These the white ceramic (color) buildings that I have seen in most planets in our solar system in NASA photos.”

Conspiracy theorists are stunned why astronauts visiting the Moon did not report of these white structures located on the lunar surface. This raises the eyebrows of alien seekers and they believe that NASA knows about the existence of aliens but they are hiding it from us.

Watch video showing giant megastructure on Moon

Previously, alien hunters have discovered alien face resting near alien base located on the Copernicus Crater, two missiles in military formation on Moon, Circular UFO on Moon, Alien missile or UFO on Moon during Apollo 11 mission, and several other mysterious objects that suggest aliens do live.

UFO sightings daily believes that the US space agency NASA knows about the existence of aliens and UFO constantly linger around the International Space Station. However, NASA is hiding it from the people on Earth as it might create chaos.

UFO sightings daily came to limelight after it spotted the Gautam Buddha statue on the Mars in October last year. Waring says that aliens lived on Mars and not only they were intelligent but they were civilized and cultured like humans on Earth. Possibilities are that aliens still live there. Source: tecake