Is it a Chinese engine? A ‘UFO bumps’ into Myanmar


#UFO #MyanmarIs it a Chinese engine? A UFO bumps into Myanmar : The selective advantages of Science have driven us through the diverse features of Space and have helped us make a superior world. The use of satellites and space shuttles has been increasing by considerable margins and thus has the incidents of the crash landing of space debris.

Space rubbish, over the years, gave their surprise emergence over some random cities and recent reports of space debris crash-landing in Myanmar have created news all over the world. The remains have been identified with Chinese Writings on them and so are expected to a part of any Chinese Space Research Mission.

Friday, a massive barrel-shaped structure tumbled down on a remote site of Myanmar, which is supposed to be the remaining of a satellite. The piece looks like a cylinder and is delivering the impression of a part of rocket or satellite. The vast, cylindrical and hollow object has fallen down into a remote mining location in north Myanmar called Tin Aung Kyaing mining.

Having a dimension of around 4 feet across and 15 feet long, the cylindrical object collided with a town of Kachin state with a loud blasting commotion, while another bit of metal bearing Chinese writings tore through a close-by home. However, no harms were accounted for.

On this purpose, a resident of Kachin, Daw Ma Kyi said to The Myanmar Times. Initially, we thought the object to be a battle as it shook the entire village. Later we saw smokes are rising from the crashed object.

Taking the statement further, Ma Kyi said, the tumbled down object looks like an engine. “First, we think it to be an engine because it was encompassed by the diode and many copper wires at the end of the body”. Source: