Lenovo’s first Windows 10 Mobile smartphone is finally coming to the market


#SoftBank503LV #Windows10MobileLenovo’s first Windows 10 Mobile smartphone is finally coming to the market : It was back in July when Lenovo unveiled their very first Windows 10 running handset. Now, it is finally coming to the market this week. SoftBank 503LV is Windows a phone carrying Lenovo’s logo on it and is expected to materialize in Japanese market starting November 11.

On November 2011, exactly 5 years ago, a Lenovo representative revealed the company’s plans to launch a Windows phone in mid-2012. But the plans seemingly faded away, until February 2014 when Microsoft revealed that Lenovo was one of the nine new investors in Windows Phones.

Again, nothing seemed to happen, but considering the fate of Windows Phones Lenovo was apparently walking in the opposite direction. Lenovo had previously criticized Microsoft for having so little faith in their mobile platform that they abandoned it completely and have ceased the release of future devices running their OS.

In 2015, A Lenovo executive came forward with a statement that Microsoft’s deficient cross-platform software efforts are the reason for Windows phones’ market deterioration. So, it hit everyone as a surprise since Lenovo came forward with the idea for their very own Windows 10 phone.

The Softbank 503LV is designed specifically for business users and works best with enterprise environments. It is also good to notice that the visuals and the camera placement of the device are largely inspired from Moly’s Windows phones designed by the firm Coship.

Coship is an independent manufacturing company that designs handsets for other companies that can be sold under their names. So, there lies a huge possibility that Lenovo is not the genius behind the body and design of their new phone.