Microsoft releases latest pdate for Xbox One; New LFG, Clubs and more


#Microsoft #XboxOneMicrosoft releases latest pdate for Xbox One; New LFG, Clubs and more : Just in time for the holidays! Microsoft pushed its latest update for the Xbox One on Thursday, as console deals start dropping for the next weekends. The main reason for the updates is to bring the LFG (looking for group) and Clubs into the Xbox One and Xbox Live to make it easier for users to connect with other gamers.

According to The Verge, the feature has already been used for years to find and connect fellow gamers to play multiplayer and this feature has been rolling out into Xbox mobile app for Android, iOS, and windows 10.

Now, the Microsoft is bringing its own take on Clubs and LFG to Xbox. It will let people find their fellow gamers to complete the quests and other activities by just posting on Xbox Live so it would be like a forum post that other people can filter to find and quickly start and play the game required.

There will be an updated gamerscore leaderboard that allows players to compare their progress with their friends on monthly basis. As it has reported by Inquisitr, the feature was proven useful for games like Rocket League, Battlefield 1, and Destiny.

The LFG users can even set a time and date for when everyone in a group can get together to begin their favorite game. This is the very first opportunity for an in-console option though there are already much third-party mobile apps and websites that can do the same.

Along with the LFG feature, Microsoft also rolling out the Clubs with the holiday update, it is designed for everyone to created their own on Xbox Live, and create unique names for the groups.

Clubs is Microsoft’s compelling version of clans, creating parties, sharing of game clips and a party chat may achieve a lot easier for people and group of friends that are interested in the same game. Source: Latinpost