Microsoft ‘Surface Phone’ 2016 release date before the year ends?


Microsoft ‘Surface Phone’ 2016 release date before the year ends? : For the past few months, rumors that Microsoft is working on a Surface phone has not died down. Recently, another news for the much-anticipated smartphone says it will be using a Windows 10 operating system.

Meanwhile, though consumers are expecting its release this 2016, there are no concrete details yet confirming this speculation. In more recent news, Pocketlint reported there were leaked images of what the public claim as the 2016 Microsoft Surface Phone.

Photos came from the Twitter account of reliable tipster Evan Blass where it featured the alleged phone running on Windows 10. However, several media outlets are suggesting it is not the much-awaited Surface phone but a Windows phone made by Dell.

Despite the uncertainty, Blass guaranteed that it is not simply a concept phone as others deem it to be. Aside from the alleged photos of its appearance, he also shared some lifestyle images of it.

According to Thurrott, it is unlikely that the Dell phone will be running with an Intel chip due to its thickness. Aside from this, the publication is expecting the phone would come out with a companion laptop.

Meanwhile, Microsoft recently acquired, one of the Surface domains available on the internet today. When one visits the said site, it redirects to the company’s official Microsoft website.

Although the software giant has not been releasing any announcements regarding the Surface phone, a useful URL being prepared signals the company may be pushing through with its manufacturing. Aside from, Microsoft also acquired and

For the Surface Phone’s release date, some sources are claiming in case Microsoft pushes through with its launching, it will most likely be in 2017 or maybe even until 2018. As of the moment, readers are advised to take everything with a pinch of salt until Microsoft releases its official statement.