Windows 10 Creators Update Build 14965 Highlights


#Windows10 #MicrosoftWindows 10 Creators Update Build 14965 Highlights : Earlier this week while I was on the Microsoft Campus for the annual MVP Summit, we were treated to a new Fast Ring build in the Redstone 2 development branch aka the Creators Update.

This release, Build 14965, is the 12th PC build pushed out to testers since testing of the third major update to Windows 10 began back on the 11th of August. Many times the builds have plenty of work in them that is under the hood but not always items that we can grab screenshots of and talk about.

With this new build there are a couple new features that we can show you plus I discovered some new functionality that shows the steps towards replacing the Control Panel with the new Windows Settings app continues to move forward.

Let’s start with the new Virtual Touchpad. This feature will be very useful to tablet users who are casting/projecting their screen to an external monitor/TV and do not have a keyboard/mouse attached to their device.

This on screen touchpad will allow you to interact with the screen you are casting directly from your tablets screen. To get started with this just right click the Taskbar in Build 14965 and select Show touchpad button.

By default it appears in the lower right hand corner of the screen and for right now it can not be moved from that location. This virtual touchpad does accept gestures and its functionality can be adjusted in Windows Settings > Devices > Touchpad.