Alien Doorway on planet Mercury discovered by UFO hunters, Watch Video


#Alien #UFOAlien Doorway on planet Mercury discovered by UFO hunters, Watch Video : After finding the secret doorways on Mars and Moon, alien hunters have discovered a black secret doorway to the underground alien world on Mercury planet which is closest to the Sun. Alien seeker and UFOlogist Scott C Waring has identified a black rectangular object which looks like doorway used by UFOs to enter into the underground world.

The discovery was made while observing the satellite images released by the US space agency NASA. The image was released nearly two years ago, but alien seekers took their time in coming up with doorway on the smallest planet of solar system. Editor of UFO Sightings Daily, Scott Waring said, “That is a giant doorway for giant ships to travel through.”

Youtuber Secure Team 10 also uploaded a video to show the doorway. He has zoomed the image by several times to make it easier for us to see the rectangular black box. The video was uploaded on November 8 and since then it has received over 2.5 lakh views.

Youtuber also negated the fact of being it a glitch. He said,  “Nowhere in this picture are any of these rectangular black marks, so it is very unlikely that this is a glitch or something like that.” Scott Waring believes that alien live in the underworld that’s why we have failed to catch them live and they use these secret doorways as a secret passage.

Watch the video titled Alien Doorway on Planet Mercury

UFO hunter Scott Waring recently found similar secret doorway on the Moon. The hidden gateway is located on Bancroft Crater, Moon, and the square-shaped gate measures 70 meters by 50 meters when measured using Google ruler. While the outer edges measure 114 meters by 114 meters. In addition, similar structure on the Martian surface was found back in January 2014, while scanning the Google maps. There was a passage for aliens to go to an underground base.

Discovery of the underground base is a perfect reply to those people who raise questions on the existence of aliens. Scott believes that aliens hide in the underground world and humans have searched over the surface and this why we have failed to capture them till now.

He further added that the American space agency NASA knows about the aliens and they are hiding it from us. In a blog post, he once claimed that aliens threatened astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin (First humans to land on moons) not to visit Moon again and that’s why NASA has canceled future Apollo mission to visit Lunar surface. Source: tecake