Amazing 2500 Year Old Electrical Device Found At Mountain Padang


#Mountain #ElectricalAmazing 2500 Year Old Electrical Device Found At Mountain Padang : A famous geologist has hit the headlines with an amazing discovery. We are talking about Dr. Danny Hilman Natawidjaja, a somewhat controversial researcher that is working on the megalithic suite of Gunung Padang in Indonesia. Dr. Danny Hilman is responsible for the archaeological team conducting research on the site and they have recently announced a discovery of a oddly shaped metal device that is presumed to be the worlds oldest electrical device.

According to researchers, this object is made out of gold and copper and seems to resemble a primitive electrical capacitator. According to some researchers, this newly found device seems very similar in structure to the biblical descriptions of the “The Ark of the Covenant “. Carbon dating confirms the device to be 2500 older than The Ark of the Covenant.

Dr. Danny Hilman Natawidjaja also proposed that Gunung Padang region is a perfect match for Plato’s Atlantis. The discovery of the electrical device at Gunung Padang is getting a lot of attention, even President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono of Indonesia visited the site congratulating the researchers on their discovery and declaring that he has great interest for the results of the research.

According to archaeologists, the subsurface layers at Gunung Padang might be more than 12,000 years old and the news of an electrical device being discovered points towards the possibility that ancient man had already mastered electricity thousands of years ago.

“The findings on the Gunung Padang site will shock the world,” said the president’s special staffer for social aid and natural disasters, Andi Arief Research at Mount Padang is Done, Researchers Find Something ‘Special’ Jakarta – Independent Integrated Research Team (TTRM) Gunung Padang have finished doing the initial research. A number of samples have been studied and prepared for the report. They reported found something special.

Erick Rizky, TTRM members said, the report results of research in Gunung Padang will then be reported to the President, several ministries, local government of West Java and local government regency of Cianjur . Of the report, the research will be continued by the state.

The research team found four layers in Mount Padang. According to Erick, layers 1 and 2 will be followed up by the Ministry of Education Culture or the Government. While the other two layers, called very special, to be determined by the president.