‘HP Elite X3’ with Windows 10 Mobile: The PC Experience


#HPEliteX3 #Windows10Mobile – HP Elite X3 with Windows 10 Mobile: The PC Experience : As we already told you, we’re now in the process of reviewing the HP Elite X3, which is pretty much the best Windows 10 Mobile device at the moment, and after sharing our first impressions, here’s our look at the feature that Microsoft’s so proudly talking about: Continuum.

In essence, Continuum is a feature that allows a Windows 10 Mobile to double as a desktop PC with the help of an adapter or a dock and an external screen, be it a TV, a monitor, or a projector.

HP obviously markets Continuum as one of the top features of the Elite X3 and has its own dock that lets you use it, and given the power of the phone, it’s no surprise that many buyers are actually interesting in how this thing works in search for more portability (with uncompromised productivity). HP Elite X3 allows users to have their data with them without the need for cloud power, so all your files and apps are always there no matter if you’re on the go or at the desk.

Setting up Continuum

Setting up Continuum on the HP Elite X3 is a piece of cake and the process is quite straightforward. Everything you need is in the box and you simply have to connect the cables to the dock, plug in the phone and you’re good to go. Launch the Continuum app on the phone, choose between wired or wireless connection and the connection is then established.

The quality of the dock is absolutely fantastic. Dell used metal not only to make it quite heavy, and thus be able to hold the phone firmly on the desk, but also to give it a super premium feel. It has a DisplayPort connector (which you use to connect the dock to the monitor), two USB ports, one USB Type-C connector, Ethernet, and power input.

What we’d change here is the DisplayPort connector, which many monitors and screens do not have, but adapters are always available just in case you want to use a different type of connector. HDMI seems to make a little bit more sense, but we’ll have to stick with the DisplayPort for now.

I decided to go for wires, including for the mouse and keyboard, and I wasn’t really pleased with how my office looked when everything was ready given all the wires, so the wireless version (or at least a wireless mouse and keyboard) makes more sense.

Let’s set one thing clear: the dock is not by any means to be super portable. You just have to leave it at the office or at home, and this way have Windows on the go with your phone and Windows at the desk with Continuum.