‘iOS 10 Jailbreak’ Tool Release: New Ways in Jailbreaking Discovered; JailBreak Team Pangu Surrendered?


#iOS10 #Jailbreak – iOS 10 Jailbreak Tool Release: New Ways in Jailbreaking Discovered; JailBreak Team Pangu Surrendered? : Many iOS fans are eagerly waiting with the release of iOS 10 jailbreak tool. Recently, reports suggest that a new way of jailbreaking has been discovered while team Pangu surrendered in making the iOS 10 jailbreaking tool.

Headlines & Global News had learned that a jailbreaking team named Unlock-Jailbreak claimed that their newly established iOS 10 jailbreak tool works even better compared to the ones that was made by popular jailbreaking team Pangu.

The iOS 10 jailbreak tool was anticipated to be launched long time back but it never happened. The new iOS 10 jailbreak tool will give the users an access to Cydia apart from the usual benefits. This tool appears to be the most logical crack to use and it is also flexible. Additionally, it doesn’t compromise Apple devices and it even offers bonuses. The said Tool also contains expanded options for SIM card use plus lifetime support and money-back guarantees. Moreover, the team has also said that their tool is safe and it will not harm the device.

When it comes with Pangu’s version of iOS 10 jailbreak tool, Neurogadget reported that it has been more than a month and Pangu Team hasn’t stated anything about the release of iOS 10 jailbreak tool.  It was noted that during the conference in Shanghai months ago, they showed their demo of the tool but it was then still in the works.

Moreover, Apple Inc. is already talking about the iOS 10.2 and the company has also come up with more recent software upgrades that will strengthen the security of iOS 10. This will make it harder for developers to enter the system which might have caused the delay unless Pangu really has no plans for a furnishing the jailbreak tool.

This iOS 10 jailbreak from the Unlock-Jailbreak team is said to be very easy to install. Also, it would be best for owners to back-up their device and to take some pre-cautions in using the tool. The crack can be used on devices ranging from the iPhone 5 to the latest iPhone 7. source:yibada