Microsoft Improving Live Tiles in Several Windows Phone Apps


#Microsoft #WindowsPhoneMicrosoft Improving Live Tiles in Several Windows Phone Apps : Live tiles continue to be a top Windows phone feature and since users love them so much, it’s no surprise that Microsoft is always looking into ways to improve their performance and usability.

In the last couple of days, Microsoft rolled out updates for two different apps available for insiders, both of which come with improved live tiles – what it’s worth noting is that while these updates are currently shipped to insiders only, they should become available for everyone very soon, after Microsoft collects the feedback it’s interested in.

First and foremost, the MSN News app has been updated to version and one of the highlights is the introduction of chaseable live tiles.

This means that whenever you tap a story displayed in the live tile on your Start, the first thing you’ll see when the app launches is that story, making it easier for you to read the content you are looking for.

Improved Weather live tile

Then, it’s the Weather app which also got updated, in this case with a transparent live tile. If you’re a long-time Windows phone user, you probably know that for some reason, Microsoft isn’t offering transparent live tiles for a few of its apps, as is the case of Weather, Skype, and Office apps.

So the new update rolled out today finally brings a transparent tile for the Weather app, which so many of us are using, but it’s not entirely what you’re expecting.

Basically, the live tile features transparency only when it’s static and shows the Weather app icon, but when you switch to live tile functionality to display the forecast for a specific location, the same solid-color background continues to be used.

Most likely, Microsoft will introduce full transparency in the coming updates, but it’s weird to see a company the size of Microsoft needing so much time for such a little thing like live tile transparency.

In the meantime, if you’re a fast ring insider, you’d better grab the new updates from the Store because Microsoft needs feedback to improve live tiles and make them look better on phones and PCs. Source: Softpedia