Microsoft Surface Phone specs, release date: Three variants expected to look like iPhone


#SurfacePhone #MicrosoftMicrosoft Surface Phone specs, release date: Three variants expected to look like iPhone : A new contender in the smartphone industry is soon expected, as Microsoft is said to release a new device soon. With the success Microsoft has been receiving due to their Surface line, there are high expectations for their new smartphone.

Many are now hoping that Microsoft will be able to go head-to-head with Apple once again. Though there is still no official news regarding the matter, reports indicate that Microsoft will soon unveil the Surface Phone. The device is said to be available in three variants, which will each bring innovative features to the line.

It is rumored that the Surface Phone will carry an all-metal body design which will be consistent with Microsoft’s current Surface line. In addition, new features such as a barometer, compass, fingerprint reader as well as a proximity sensor will be available on the device.

As for the camera, a Carl Zeiss 20-megapixel back camera could also be included as well as tools that will help users take stellar photos. The Microsoft Surface Phone is said to have an AMOLED screen measuring 5.5 inches.

Reports also indicated that the device will most likely run on an Intel Atom X3 processor, which will boost the smartphone’s performance. In addition, one of the variants could have a RAM up to 8GB, making it an efficient device. A large storage is also expected, as it is rumored to reach up to 512 GB.

Meanwhile, there are reports that the upcoming variants will boast similar aesthetics as the leading smartphone brand Apple. That being said, many can expect to see some iPhone-inspired designs for the upcoming Microsoft device.

Unfortunately, there has yet to be any confirmation on what exactly the device will present. With that, fans are just waiting for January to find out more about it. The device will reportedly release early 2017. Source: ecumenicalnews