New Photo of the x86 Windows 10 Mobile Phone Gets Leaked


#Windows10Mobile #WindowsPhone – New Photo of the x86 Windows 10 Mobile Phone Gets Leaked : Earlier this week, it has emerged that Dell wanted to build an x86 Windows 10 Mobile device tackling several markets at the same time, as it was supposed to play the role of a phone, tablet, and desktop using the full power of Windows 10.

Called Dell Stack, this device was originally designed in 2014 and planned for launch in 2017, but for the moment, it’s believed that both Dell and Microsoft gave up on the project, so it might never see daylight.

And yet, new photos get leaked to the web thanks to leaker Evan Blass, who just posted a photo showing the Dell Stack along with its dock, which is believed to support Continuum and offer charging at the same time.

As you can see in this pic, the Dell Slack seems to be very thin, which makes many wonder how could an Intel Kaby Lake processor be installed under the hood, given the fact that cooling is critical for an x86 chip.

For the moment, however, there are quite a lot of uncertain things, especially because neither Microsoft nor Dell confirmed that they still want to release the phone.

Possible specs

According to leaked information, the Dell Slack was designed with a 6.4-inch display and was supposed to launch in several hardware configurations boasting either 4 GB or 8 GB of RAM. Depending on version, users would have been allowed to get up to 256 GB storage space, with microSD card obviously supported for additional space.

In terms of processors, Dell wanted the Slack to come with a choice of three different Intel Kaby Lake Y x86 processors, including m3, m5 vPro, and m7 vPro. This would have ensured x86 app support, without compromising battery life, although there’s no information regarding battery capacity.

Since Dell originally planned to launch the Slack in 2017, there’s still hope that the company could bring it to the market at some point, so fingers crossed to see this going live. x86 seems to be the only way to save Windows phones and tackle the lack of apps, and it’s believed that Microsoft itself is also looking into the same direction with its planned Surface Phone. source:softpedia