Surface Phone rumors: Microsoft to announce the device in early 2017


#SurfacePhone #MicrosoftSurface Phone rumors: Microsoft to announce the device in early 2017 : Although Microsoft has been mum on its alleged Surface Phone, many still expected that the device would be unveiled at the Microsoft event last month.

However, after being a no-show at the said event, it is now rumored that Microsoft will unveil the Surface Phone in early 2017. According to various reports, Microsoft may launch its Surface Phone within the early part of 2017.

While the phone is said not to be in direct competition with those more popular brands that run on Android, rumors claim that the Surface Phone may share the market with Apple’s iPhone as, reportedly, it will come with features that are targeted toward the business sector -0 thanks to its rumored Windows 10 OS, which, indeed, is ideal for business people.

To support its alleged Windows 10 OS, rumors also claim that the Surface phone will come with Snapdragon 30, which is said to be currently developed by Qualcolmm. Earlier, there were also rumors claiming that the Surface Phone would come in three variants based on its RAM, with the premium model boasting of 8 GB internal storage paired with 512 GB internal storage.

It is also said that the alleged device will boast of a 5.7-in AMOLED screen, 21-megapixel rear camera, and a USB-C port. Meanwhile, with the news on Microsoft ending the production of its Lumia Phones, the line of phone it acquired from Nokia in 2014, speculations on the existence of the Surface Phone have become even louder.

Furthermore, suspicions on the tech giant soon releasing a new line of phone to replace its Lumia have become even more persistent when, last September, Laura Butler, Microsoft’s director for engineering, said on her Twitter account that the “Surface Phone is not NOT confirmed.”

Many tech pundits couldn’t help but jump to the conclusion that there is, indeed, a surface phone as the tweet has double negatives, which means affirmative. While some believe that the said tweet must not be given much weight, as the double negatives can just be a typographical error, many think otherwise as the second “not” was written in all caps. Source: ecumenicalnews