Ten Unique Ways to Use the Sensors on Your Android Device


Ten Unique Ways to Use the Sensors on Your Android Device : Every Android phone comes with a number of sensors, that feed data to the device, and allow it to respond accurately to a plethora of inputs. Almost every device in the market has a proximity sensor, an accelerometer, gyroscope, and the likes; and we barely ever notice how they’re being used. However, there are a ton of cool things that are made possible due to these sensors. If you’re wondering about the kinds of things your Android phone can do, thanks to the sensors it has, here are 10 unique ways you can use the sensors on your Android device:

Proximity Sensor

The proximity sensor is responsible for turning your screen off when you put your phone to your ear, in order to answer a call. However, there are a lot of cool things that are made possible with this sensor.

1. Control Media Playback By Waving Your Hand

If gesture control is your thing, then Wave Control will get you excited. With this app, you can use wave gestures to control the media playback on your Android device. You can set the default media player that you use, in the app, and then you can use the wave controls built into the app, to control the playback.

You can hover over the proximity sensor on your phone to play/pause the media playback; you can wave once to go forward, twice to go back, and more. The free version of the app is ad-supported. However, the ads can be removed with an in-app purchase.

Download Wave Control from the Play Store (Free, in-app purchases)

2. Answer Calls By Raising Your Phone to Your Ear

It’s a gesture we all do when we answer a call – raise the phone to our ears. SpeakerPhone Ex is an app that automatically answers the call when you raise your phone to your ear. This simplifies the process of answering calls (which isn’t really cumbersome, anyway). The app supports features like stopping auto answer if you silence a call, and more. There are a ton of features, however, most of them are locked in the free version, and you will have to purchase the pro version of the app to unlock everything.

The basic functionality of the app is there in the free version, and you can use it without paying for it, unless you really want the pro features.

Download SpeakerPhone Ex on the Play Store (Free)