UFO News: ‘Strange Lights’ Spotted In Sky Above Capital City, Sightings In Peru Again


#UFO #CapitalCity – UFO News: ‘Strange Lights’ Spotted In Sky Above Capital City, Sightings In Peru Again : UFO news reports are on the rise lately, and this week, two more sightings from different locations have been reported.

Mirror reports that strange orange lights have been seen traveling across the sky over the capital city in Lima, Peru. The Peruvian media released a full minute video showing the UFO flying over the capital city, leaving many Peruvian citizens enthralled.

The UFO was also spotted traveling the skies over parts of South America, including the Highlands on the South Eastern part of Lima and some areas near the Amazon forest.

Most Peruvians believe that UFOs news reports are frequent in the country on account of its numerous ancient sites, which include the Machu Picchu citadel in the Andes mountains. Joshua Shapiro, an Aquarian Age author and lecturer, wrote on his website V J Enterprises that Peru is “the land of UFOs.” Shapiro claimed that approximately 50 percent of Peruvians have had a UFO experience.

In an interview with UFO Digest, Joshua Shapiro talked about how Peruvians see UFO sightings as a regular occurrence.

“If there’s a UFO sighting in Peru, they don’t think anything about it. They just say wow, that’s great. I’m excited to have that. If they didn’t see it, they feel like they missed it. So a lot of people in Peru just accept living in nature, and accept paranormal phenomena that go on or if UFOs show up, if a dimensional door opens and something happens. This is just a part of their ancient traditions and culture. So it’s really natural for them, versus some of the more modern countries.”

Not all Peruvians believe in UFOs, however. Some theorized that the strange lights reported in the news were just high-altitude balloons from Google’s Project Loon, a navigation system developed to help citizens from rural areas get easy internet access.

As reported by Gizmodo, numerous UFO sightings in Peru may be attributed to Google’s Project Loon. Launched in 2011, Project Loon reportedly sent high-altitude balloons on a regular basis, and many of them have flown off course and came crashing down due to malfunctions in the system.

Since its 2011 launch, Project Loon has reportedly released balloons of varying shapes and sizes in the skies above Peru, causing many citizens to believe that what they’re seeing are unidentified flying objects.

UFO News: “Strange lights” seen over Boca Raton

Viewers of television network WPTV reported a UFO sighting in the sky above Boca Raton.

“The light traveled downwards toward the horizon and exploded into multiple pieces,” according to an eyewitness.

Several witnesses saw the strange lights and believed that what they saw was a UFO.

The Boca Raton police, however, issued an explanation for the “strange lights,” saying that the “UFOs” were practice flares released by parachuters over the FAU stadium, supposedly in preparation for Saturday’s football game.

UFO seekers lament Hillary Clinton’s loss in U.S. presidential elections

Meanwhile, UFO seekers are reportedly feeling distraught over Clinton’s loss in the U.S. elections. As reported by Express US, Clinton made an early promise that she’ll disclose classified UFO files once she makes it to the White House.

For the past year, Clinton promised to the so-called alien disclosure community that she’ll open top government files hiding classified information about aliens and UFOs.

In January, Hillary said that she plans to investigate the Area 51 military base in Nevada so that she can “get to the bottom of” the UFO mystery once and for all.

Clinton even said before that she believes extraterrestrial beings may have visited the Earth many times before.

With Clinton’s loss, UFO seekers said that they are now banking on new President-elect Donald Trump to start an initiative that would unlock the top secret files. source:inquisitr