Over 400 Million Friend Finder Network Accounts Hacked, Weak Cybersecurity Exposed


#Hacked #FriendFinder – Over 400 Million Friend Finder Network Accounts Hacked, Weak Cybersecurity Exposed : The company Friend Finder Network is reported to have been hacked. There are over 400 million accounts that are affected. The information of these users can be used illegally by criminals. Their accounts can be accessed through the obtained email addresses and passwords.

How Big Is The Hack?

According to the Leaked Source, the hack in the adult dating service company occurred back in October 2016. The millions of accounts hacked represent 20 years of customer’s data. Apparently, it is the largest breach compared to MySpace’s 360 million affected accounts.

Furthermore, this is not the first time that the Friend Finder Network is exposed to a hack. It also happened in May 2015 when 3,5 million accounts were hacked. The above mentioned figure include 339,774,493 users from the Adult Friend Finder website, 62,668,630 users from Cams.com, 7,176,877 from Penthouse.com, 1,423,192 users from Stripshow.com, 1,135,731 users from iCams.com and 35,372 from unknown domains.

A Weak Cybersecurity

The Verge reports that Friend Finder Network was found to have kept information on 15 million accounts. These are the ones that the users had deleted. Even worse, it also included the information of the user from assets it no longer owned.

CSO Online had previously reported that a security researcher Revolver discovered Local File Inclusion vulnerabilities on the Friend Finder’s site in October. The company’s Vice President and Senior Counsel of Corporate Compliance & Litigation Diana Lynn Ballou had released a statement about the issue last month.

She said that they were investigating to determine the validity of the reports. Leaked Source further revealed that the passwords were stored in a plain visible format or Secure Hash algorithm 1. The latter of which is considered not secure.

According to ZDNet, the Friend Finder Network are actually aware of the said vulnerabilities. In fact, it had already taken a step to resolve the issue. source:itechpost