Canon 6D Mark II Rumors: A New Upcoming Full-Frame Entry-Level DSLR To Watch Out For


#6DMarkII #Camera – Canon 6D Mark II Rumors: A New Upcoming Full-Frame Entry-Level DSLR To Watch Out For : Canon’s upcoming Canon 6D Mark II could possibly be the answer to those who aren’t ready to dish out some serious cash with the 5D, but want some of its full-frame capabilities and high profile features. Here’s what we should expect.

Some rumors pointed out that the Canon 6D Mark II will be scheduled to be released somewhere in 2017, though most of these speculations point out that instead of the prior February launch, multiple sources indicate that it might be coming around the second quarter of 2017 instead.

Canon Rumors was able to gather some insights regarding the Canon 6D Mark II’s announcement or release date and it would seem that it is unlikely to make its appearance on either CES 2017 on January or CP+ on February.

It would only make a lot of sense as most long-running and legit Canon rumors sites deem that it is still too early to hypothesize about next entry in the 6D series. It would be best to assume that most, if not everything, information about it could still be taken as a grain of salt.

Still, some specs might be plausible enough already as these specs are more or less, have already been a standard thing going on for Canon DSLRs. Canon Watch’s current spec-sheet indicates that the following features;

1. 24MP or 25MP sensor

2. Dual Pixel AF

3. 1080p/60

4. Dual SD card slots

5. NO 4K

6. Full tilt-able display

7. Touchscreen

8. NFC

9. Wifi

10. GPS

11. New AF system (19 points?)

12. Slightly smaller and lighter

13. Introductory price $1,999

Again, even with these specs from Canon Watch, it is still subject to change and not all of them may actually be accurate. The same thing practically happened with the 5D Mark IV, which was somewhat rumored and reported by certain sites to not having a 4K capability.

Stay tuned for more updates and reports on Canon 6D Mark II. source:mobilenapps