Microsoft Surface Pro 5 to Come with Rechargeable Stylus?


#Microsoft #SurfacePro5 – Microsoft Surface Pro 5 to Come with Rechargeable Stylus? : It has long been rumored that Apple is due to release a new series of iPad Pros early next year. Right about the same time, Microsoft is will also unveil its newest iPad Pro-busting tablet, the Surface Pro 5. According to recent chatter, the new Microsoft Surface Pro 5 will feature a redesigned Surface Pen. It also rumored that Microsoft is planning on giving the stylus a rechargeable battery thereby eliminating the need for battery replacement.

In a recent patent filing from Microsoft, the company detailed a  new design for the stylus that will come with the Surface Pro 5.

The patent, which was filed last January, was uncovered by Patently Mobile and features a rechargeable battery system. The same patent also details the magnetic charging dock that could be built within the Surface Pro 5. This dock will have magnetic contacts that coincide with the pens “magnetic rings.” The magnets will hold the stylus in place when attached to the surface of the dock for charging. Having the battery rechargeable can alleviate headaches and inconveniences  of finding battery replacement for the stylus.

Somewhat similar to the magnetic charging dock, Microsoft also filed a patent for an inductive loop for the Surface Pen. This loop is basically an accessory that is separate from the Surface Pro. The loop will have a USB interface and an inductive coil or sheath that will go around the stylus. Inserting the loop’s port to the tablet’s USB port will initiate the charging of the pen.

Whether these ideas will see the light of day or not, it is nice to think that the Surface Pro 5 might come with a rechargeable pen. This feature will be very handy due to the fact that it is one less to think about when it comes to battery purchase.

The Surface Pro 5 is rumored to be unveiled in the Spring of 2017. Also rumored, the tablet will sport the newest Kaby Lake processor from Intel. Alongside the new processor, the new tablet will run on the latest Windows Redstone 2 operating system. source:thebitbag