Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone 7 Smartphone and Operating System Comparison


#AndroidPhones #WindowsPhone7Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone 7 Smartphone and Operating System Comparison : Here is a comparison of three Smartphones by three different manufactures with three different operating systems, to see which Smartphone comes out on top and for what reasons.

For a fair comparison, the comparison is broken down into four categories which include the handset design, operating system, multimedia features and technology.

The Smartphone’s in question include the HTC 7 Mozart (a Windows Phone 7 Smartphone), the BlackBerry Torch 9800 (which runs on the BlackBerry operating system) and the Samsung I9000 Galaxy S (which is powered by Android).

Handset Design

The HTC 7 Mozart has a touch screen form casing with a 3.7 inch widescreen WVGA touch screen. Its casing weighs 130 grams and measures 11.9cm by 6.02cm by 1.19cm and it has a brushed aluminium casing with a stunning swirl effect etched into the back of the casing.

The BlackBerry Torch 9800 has a slide opening form casing with a HVGA touch screen measuring 3.7 inches in size. Its casing weighs 161.1 grams and it measures 11.1cm by 6.2cm by 1.46cm plus it comes in a dark grey coloured casing with stylish chrome effect edging. This is the only Smartphone with a slide out full QWERTY keyboard.

The Samsung I9000 Galaxy S Smartphone has a touch screen form designed casing complete with a 4 inch super AMOLED display. The casing weighs 118 grams and measures 12.24cm by 6.42cm by 0.99cm and it comes with a sleek black coloured exterior.

In conclusion to the handset design the Samsung I9000 Galaxy S is a clear winner due to it having the largest and clearest touch screen. It is the lightest Smartphone to hold although it has the widest casing design due to its larger screen, plus this is the most stylish and attractive handset of the three.

Operating System

The 7 Mozart supports a Microsoft Windows Phone 7 operating system with an easy to use user interface which supports many apps including a HTC Hub app and social network integration. The tile layout interface is extremely user friendly and the touch screen is highly responsive.

The Torch comes with a BlackBerry 6 operating system complete with a BlackBerry use interface which is easy to use and operate especially for BlackBerry users. It has a user friendly interface and a classic BlackBerry style and performance.

The Galaxy S however comes with an Android operating system and with a fun user interface, complete with a colourful and customisable home screen and highly useable user interface.

In conclusion to operating system it would be a tie between the Galaxy S and the 7 Mozart, as both Android and Windows Phone 7 are so much fun to use and offer the user a great range of apps and most importantly provide high quality usability.