Microsoft Surface Pro 5 news, rumored features and price: Why it is going to be worth waiting for


#SurfacePro5 #MicrosoftMicrosoft Surface Pro 5 news, rumored features and price: Why it is going to be worth waiting for : Fans of the Microsoft Surface line were disappointed to see that the highly-buzzed about Microsoft Surface Pro 5 was a no-show during the Microsoft Windows 10 event last Oct. 26. As it turns out, there may a be good reason for the tease.

According to Game N Guide, the delay in introducing the much-awaited device may be due to Microsoft’s effort to put a variety of features into it. One of such is the installation of Intel’s seventh generation Kaby Lake processor, making it an even more powerful gadget.

It is rumored that the said processor is set to launch by the end of 2016, hence the pushback. Some of the rumored features of the next-generation tablet is a 12.3-inch PixelSense screen that could come in two variants, one with 2K resolution and the other with 4K Ultra HD capability.

It could also run on the Redstone 2 update for Windows 10 along with an enhanced surface pen, Tech Times reports. Furthermore, the new stylus will most probably offer wireless charging, a feature that is owned by Microsoft.

Another improvement that is said to be potentially present in the new Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is the extended battery life. This has been an aspect that its predecessor lacked terribly in comparison with other tablets in the market, thus it may be a safe assumption that development is also geared toward it, as per iDigital Times.

Mobile & Apps estimates that once it is already in production, the new Microsoft Surface Pro 5’s price could start at around $899, depending on what the user prefers with respect to configuration, accessories and functionality.

No official statement has been made regarding the release date for the tablet hybrid, but considering the enumerated speculations on what it can bring to consumers, it just might be worth the wait. Source: christiantoday