Alien News 2016: Real Aliens are High-End Machines?


#Alien #MachinesAlien News 2016: Real Aliens are High-End Machines? : Aliens that are capable of contacting us do not look like humans or the famous squid-like form we are used to. According to Seth Shostak, the director of Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI), the aliens that are advanced enough to be capable of contacting us would likely have moved from organic biology to merging with machines.

In September during the Dent:Space conference in San Francisco, Shostak said that merging with machines is the natural evolution of any “Maybe it takes to 2100, or 2150, or 2250. It doesn’t matter,” Shostak says.

“The point is, any society that invents radio, so we can hear them, within a few centuries, they’ve invented their successors. And I think that’s important, because the successors are machines.

He adds, “It’ll be like – you build a four-cylinder engine. You put it in a horse to get a faster horse. And pretty soon you say, ‘Look, let’s get rid of the horse part and just build a Maserati’. So that’s probably what’s going to happen.”

He also says that experts continue to look in areas that they think aliens may reside, such as places that have conditions that could support life. However, this may be not the best way to seek intelligent life, he argues.

Instead, he suggests, “Maybe what we ought to do is look at places on the sky that connect two places where there is a lot of energy” – this way, scientists could intercept signals.” In other alien news, alien enthusiasts say that Hillary Clinton would ask US President Obama to reveal the truth about aliens.

Many believe that it would be possible that Clinton can convince Obama to release top-secret documents of the US government about aliens and UFOs while he is still in office. If this cannot be done before Trump’s inauguration, the truth may never be revealed. Source: australianetworknews