UFO Crash Site Guarded by Tanks Revealed With the Help of Google Earth


#UFO #GoogleEarthUFO Crash Site Guarded by Tanks Revealed With the Help of Google Earth : Under harsh and unpredictable weather conditions lies the McMurdo Station, the main US research station in Antarctica. It might sound odd, but this particular US settlement became renowned after some UFO hunters discovered using Google Earth, what seems to be the landing or crash site of a mysterious craft that appears to be guarded by four snowy shapes, strongly resembling a battery of tanks.

A visible trail was left behind by the crashed object that is covered in snow, indicating the fact that the crash occurred sometime before the picture was taken by Google Earth. The presence of the tanks reveal that the site they’re guarding has to be truly valuable, and it might be possible that the military already took over the content of the UFO when the image was captured.

After it was made public on February 15, 2012 by Valentin Degterev, the Google Earth image was deliberately altered in order to mask the ground vehicles and the crashed UFO. Some people who were aware of such a consequence managed to capture a few screen shots along with videos showing  how the spot looked before it got blurred, as well as its coordinates.

If you look at the following coordinates: E / S using Google Earth, the UFO crash site appears, but apparently the craft and the tanks are missing for obvious reasons. After this case caused a stir among UFO enthusiasts, the image was deliberately altered and is now showing only a few hints of what it used to be. Fortunately, a video was released showing the spot with the UFO and its guardians, along with the coordinates which can be seen at the bottom-right of the video.

Nearby images reveal another mysterious sighting, just right of the station. Named “Saucer over Mt. Erebus, summer 1974”, the image reveals a gigantic saucer-like shape over the top of the mountain. Could this be an omen telling about the UFO phenomenon in the Antarctic region?