Aliens on Earth may have assumed machine forms


#Alien #EarthAliens on Earth may have assumed machine forms : All along, people have leaned upon the notion that aliens possess human forms. However, this may not be the case after all.

Seth Shostak, an astronomer at the Search for Extra-terrestrial Institute (SETI), shares that aliens, who are able to transmit signals that are monitored on Earth, can surface as brilliant machines. Considering their gifted approach, these entities go beyond their human-like appearances.

Judging that old inventions are replaced by new and sophisticated ones, it is possible that the current civilization will be succeeded by a digital way of life.

The idea about humans transcending into machines is not entirely new. Futurist Ray Kurzweil has introduced the concept of oneness or singularity wherein earth life forms will integrate with technology. The projection is anticipated to happen in 2045.

At San Francisco’s Dent: Space Summit, Shostak points out that nothing can prevent this event into occurring. It doesn’t really matter when the concept will come to fruition. What matters will be the transformation process.

Shostak adds that such expectation is equally applicable to alien life forms.

With the way the world produces advanced or sophisticated products, the possibility of alien machines taking over is likely. Pretty much, it will be like replacing a horse with a sports car.

The astronomer further states that, as technological methods or procedures get better, so will the evolution of machines. The incorporation of countless data into a functional engine upgrades the mechanism approach.

However, despite the projections and the investigations involving alien life, nothing has been concretely proven that these forms actually exist.

Space may have an addressed this inquiry. According to the Science domain, it is because people are looking at aliens at the wrong places. These intelligent machines don’t need food, water or other related substances. As long as they have the energy and other associated resources with them, they can travel and they can sustain their existence.

Shostak comments that, perhaps the place to look for aliens is within the sky realm where energy exchanges pass through and transform. Source: HNGN