Hackers Control A Tesla Model S With Their Minds [VIDEO]


#Tesla #Hackers – Hackers Control A Tesla Model S With Their Minds [VIDEO] : The Tesla Model S is prone to being hacked, and this has been proven again. This time it was part of a project called Teslapathic, which was created during a 36-hour hackathon that took place over the weekend in Berkeley, reports Electrek.

Model S controlled via mind

In this project, a group of hackers managed to put together a prototype that controlled a Model S with certain commands, which were translated from brain activity–a.k.a., mind control. Earlier this year in a similar incident, a Model S owner was technically able to control his car with his mind, but later it was found to be “gimmicky” at best, since the person was only sending commands that an owner could use through Tesla’s app with its API tools, says Electrek.

However, with this project, the hackers — Vivek Vinodh, Casey Spencer, Lorenzo Caoile and Abenezer Mamo — have pushed the idea further. On their development page, they wrote that the rapid advancement of the automated auto industry inspired them, and they wanted to showcase “the future of human-computer interfaces, mind controlled devices.”

The hackers picked up a used Model S (which belonged to Spencer) and installed actuators on the pedals and a motor on the steering wheel. It was controlled by an analog signal translated from brain activity detected on an EEG headset, says Electrek.

Spencer, who broke the Tesla hyper-miling record a while ago, commented on the project in a Reddit post: “My team wrote a machine learning training program for an EEG headset that learned when its user was thinking forward or stop and created corresponding variables.”