The ‘Jaguar XKSS’, famed ride of King of Cool, is new again


#Jaguar #CarsThe Jaguar XKSS, famed ride of King of Cool, is new again : You might remember earlier this year, when we told you Jaguar had confirmed that it would follow up the limited-run of continuation E-Types – completely new, built from scratch classics – with a new run of the impossibly cool XKSS.

Those folks in Coventry weren’t pulling our leg, because we’re here in LA and the brand new XKSS is here, too. Actually, they’re 60 years late. If you remember the story we told you when Jaguar said it’d be building these things, there were originally to be 25 cars in total.

16 were built, and the other nine were destroyed in a fire at the Browns Lane factory. Thus, nine original XKSS cars have been missing, and the nine XKSSs that Jaguar will build for a cool £1 million each will round out the initial production run.

If you’re not familiar with the XKSS, here’s a little background. Jaguar won Le Mans three times in a row in a factory racer known as the D-Type. After withdrawing factory support in 1956, some privateers continued on with the car, but Jaguar didn’t.

That left several D-Types sitting about Browns Lane in various degrees of completion. Sir William Lyons had them converted to road spec, which involved adding such niceties as a windshield and passenger door, but otherwise they were not far removed from the Le Man-winning cars they were based on. That meant that they were, to put it mildly, a lot of car for the street.

The kind of person an XKSS appealed to was stylish and adventurous, and someone who craved speed. Someone like Steve McQueen, perhaps. His old XKSS is sitting in the Petersen Museum in LA, which not-coincidentally is where Jaguar assembled us to see the wraps pulled off the new one.