Microsoft Surface Phone news: What the phone looks like according to rumors


#SurfacePhone #MicrosoftMicrosoft Surface Phone news: What the phone looks like according to rumors : Microsoft’s Surface Brand has become one of the most-anticipated brands in the gadgets industry. After recently releasing a desktop PC to the products list, hopes for the rumored Microsoft Surface Phone increased.

Newer reports suggest that Microsoft Surface Phone will be launched in April next year. It is said to replace Microsoft’s Windows series phone instead of just rebranding the said phone line. Unlike Microsoft’s Surface devices, Windows phone did not do well in the market.

Supposed leaked information suggests that Microsoft Surface Phone will come in three variants: 4 GB, 6 GB, and 8 GB. It is expected to operate on Windows 10 and run on Intel Kaby Lake processors. It is also reported to come with a 4K display resolution, which will make it an ideal gadget for those who love watching videos as well as those who are into games.

It is also reported to be furnished with a 5.5-inch Active-Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode (AMOLED) display, a USB Port, and a liquid cooling technology. Microsoft is also said to have been working on a patented fingerprint reader that will be incorporated on the phone. It is also believed to have a compass, barometer, proximity sensors, and a 20-megapixel Carl Zeiss rear camera.

Microsoft has been supportive of the “Bridge solution,” which aims to let apps run on both Android and iOS gadgets. As such, Microsoft Surface Phone could be equipped with this as well. Event after event, gadget lovers have been waiting for the Microsoft Surface Phone to make an appearance.

To date, however, it has not and no official confirmation from Microsoft has been made either. One of the possible delays would be Intel’s next-generation processor with shipment still about to happen. After a laptop and a tablet that could be used either way and a desktop, the market is more than ready to welcome the Microsoft Surface Phone. Source: ecumenicalnews