Microsoft ‘Surface Phone’ release date rumors, specs update: New Surface flagship out in April?


#SurfacePhone #MicrosoftMicrosoft Surface Phone release date rumors, specs update: New Surface flagship out in April? : It is said that Microsoft will be adding a new lineup to its Surface products, the much-awaited Surface Phone series. Supposedly, the new flagship will debut in April next year.

According to speculations, Microsoft is readying a new flagship release next year, the Surface Phone. While the Redmond-based tech giant has not confirmed any details, the new flagship will reportedly be launched in a press event scheduled for April 2017.

Previously, fans expected that the Surface Phone will come out this year, and various supposed leaks on its specs and features have already come out. However, it is said that Microsoft has gone on record to say that the Surface Phone is not the company’s focus this year.

With the release of the new Surface Studio, it is likely that Microsoft is indeed looking for a 2017 launch for its new phone flagship. In addition, there are reports that Microsoft has suffered a setback in the development of the new flagship. Microsoft’s supposed third-party partner for the project, Intel, has pulled out from the mobile market.

This is a major blow for the Surface Phone project, as the iteration is said to come out featuring a new Intel chipset. With the setback, the supposed Intel x86 chipset for the Surface Phone will have to be scrapped, and Microsoft has to adjust the specs list for the Surface Phone anew.

Meanwhile, although Microsoft has not confirmed any details for its flagship, speculations have already come out on what to expect for the new Microsoft product lineup. Since the Surface Phone is likely an extension of the Surface products lineup, fans are expecting top-tier specs for the series.

Premium, performance-focused specs and features also dovetail the rumors that the Surface Phone will be a phablet hybrid that is able to perform as a mobile workstation. Expected specs and features include at least 4GB of RAM, up to 256 GB of onboard storage, and new camera and fingerprint scanner setup to take advantage of the security features for Windows 10. Source: christiantoday