Is THIS mysterious Huge-Eyed skull evidence that ‘Aliens’ visited Earth?


#Alien #SkullIs THIS mysterious Huge-Eyed skull evidence that ‘Aliens’ visited Earth? : The mysterious skull with vast eye sockets and fanged teeth has created an online debate, since many claims, the intricate skull may have belonged to an alien being.

The mysterious skull was described as being 50 percent bigger than a standard skull and was discovered by Danish contractors replacing pipes on Sealand Island. Thus the skull was named the Sealand Skull, and many people believe it did not originate from this planet. According to reports, researchers at the Veterinary College in Copenhagen who looked at the skull concluded that:  “Although resembling a mammal, certain features make it impossible to fit the animal into Linnaean taxonomy.”

Apparently, researchers are unable to link it back to any known species on planet Earth. However, the fact that they were unable to link it back to any species on Earth doesn’t necessarily make it Extraterrestrial, in fact, it could have belonged to a being that has eluded scientists fro centuries.

Subsequent carbon dating at the University of Copenhagen’s Niels Bohr Institute for Sciences revealed that the ‘alien-like’ skull was around 800 years old, adding to the mystery of the entire story. The skull which was excavated in 2007 was analyzed by scientists in 2010. Further excavation of the area didn’t reveal anything unusual other than animal bones, stone axes, and other artifacts that according to researchers originated in the Neolithic period.

AS if the skull wasn’t mysterious enough, it turns out that Sealand is there the secretive Order of Pegasus Light was based at. This order is a secret society of poets and writers which according to many was sworn to protect a group of group of unbreakable alien artifacts including, bizarrely, an alien skull allegedly left behind by extraterrestrial visitors from the constellation Pegasus.

Interestingly, the order was formed in the 1300’s and among its more notorious members were some of our history’s most influential writers like  William Shakespeare, Thomas Jefferson, H.G. Wells, and Ambrose Bierce. Author from popular website ufo sightings daily is convinced that this is yet another piece of evidence that clearly points out that aliens have been visiting earth for hundreds if not thousands of years.