‘Nintendo Switch’ Beta Program Rumor: Is It Real Or A Scam?


#NintendoSwitch #GamingNintendo Switch Beta Program Rumor: Is It Real Or A Scam? : A Nintendo Switch Beta program has appeared online that supposedly hands out free Switch units retrievable via a given code number. However, many suspect that the online site is a scam.

Nintendo Switch Beta Program Investigated

For starters, Nintendo has officially announced that it will only release additional details about Switch on Jan. 2017. However, some unscrupulous individuals however, are taking advantage of Nintendo Switch fans by tricking them with fake websites.

Most Nintendo Switch fans are among the youngest in the gaming community and may easily fall for this type of scam. A number Nintendo Switch fans reported receiving an email that informed that they are eligible to participate in a Nintendo Switch Beta Program.

The “lucky” fan will get to receive a “Nintendo Switch Beta Hardware” that includes the whole unit plus the two Switch controllers, HDMI cable and power adaptor. The “free” Switch package could be redeemed via a “code” that is specific to the victim’s account.

Suspicious Site Traced To “Fernando Sanchez”

Those who follow through the scam’s instructions will be led to a site like “betanintendo.us” or “beta.nintnedo-eu.com”. Both sites will ask for the victim’s email address.

However, investigations revealed that the two sites are not owned by Nintendo but by one Fernando Sanchez who is located in the US, according to Wired. It seems Sanchez registered the two domains trough namecheap.com last October aside from the more than 200 other domains in his name.

Other Telltale Signs Of A Scam

The investigative report also noted the poor grammar contained in the email. The “code” given out is different from the kind given by Nintendo eShops since the authentic code is in alphanumeric form.

Nintendo Switch fans are strongly advised not to fall prey to this kind of scam. Currently, Nintendo has not officially sanctioned any beta program and it’s not giving away any free Switch unit. The Nintendo Switch is due to come out on March 2017. Source: itechpost