German Police Considering Move to Windows Phones to Fight Traffic Jams


#GermanPolice #WindowsPhoneGerman Police Considering Move to Windows Phones to Fight Traffic Jams : Specifically, the police of Saarland want to adopt Windows phones and Surface tablets to improve the process of recording traffic accidents, as everything could be performed digitally wherever they are.

Microsoft Germany, who is closely working with the Saarland police, says officers can submit accident data and attach photos or notes using applications that are specifically developed to run on Windows phones and Surface tablets.

The German police think that by recording accident information faster than before, officers can also reduce the amount of time that leads to traffic jams caused by accidents, and thus improve traffic in the affected areas. The pilot program is already showing positive signs, and an agreement between Microsoft and police is very likely.

“Police receiving HP Elite X3 phones”

As part of the testing effort that debuted in September, over a third of all accidents were recorded digitally, Microsoft says, and statistics show that traffic congestion has been reduced significantly because of the digital processing of all information.

Microsoft hasn’t revealed the models that police are evaluating, but German sources claim it’s the HP Elite X3, which is quite a productivity workhorse that could certainly meet all the expectations when it comes to traffic reporting.

It goes without saying that such news is welcome in the Windows phone community, especially because the platform is going through some very hard times, with developers and users alike leaving for Android and iOS.

Microsoft, on the other hand, is focusing more on businesses, so a deal with the German police seems to perfectly align with this plan. Obviously, it takes more than just a deal to make Windows phones more widely adopted across the world, but it’s definitely an important step in the right direction. Source: softpedia