Microsoft And Linux Team-up: What We Could Expect From Their New Relationship


#Microsoft #LinuxMicrosoft And Linux Team-up: What We Could Expect From Their New Relationship : Tech enthusiasts are familiar with the long rivalry between Microsoft and Linux with Steve Ballmer memorably declaring 15 years ago that Linux is cancer. Now, it seems that that long feud has come to an end with Microsoft joining the Linux Foundation.

From Rivals to Partners

In a written article at Extreme Tech, Microsoft has shocked the tech world with its announcement of joining the Linux Foundation as a Platinum member. Fans and critics believe that Microsoft’s move to join forces with Linux is undoubtedly driven by the changing macroeconomic conditions around the PC business.

Another thing is Microsoft’s failure to make its mark in the mobile market, thus left with little option but to seek other types of collaboration and cross-platform support.

Microsoft on Mobile Devices

Following the success Microsoft has had from its Surface Studio, one of its boldest ambitions for 2017 is the introduction of a new line-up of Surface Phones. According to Digital Trends, Microsoft has gone through many changes since it began transitioning from the Windows company to the “cloud first, mobile first” productivity solutions company.

In a Microsoft blog post, Scott Guthrie, executive vice president of Cloud and Enterprise said they want to help developers achieve more and to capitalize on the industry’s shift towards cloud first and mobile first experiences using the tools and platforms of their choices.

To do so, providing open, flexible, and intelligent and cloud services will greatly help every developer deliver unprecedented levels of innovation. Based on the gathered information, we can assume that the long-awaited Surface Phone will be part of the equation.

We can also assume that given the success Linux has had throughout the years, the Surface Phone will be an innovative phone that will be able to compete with the upcoming Samsung X and iPhone 8. But of course, Microsoft and Linux partnership doesn’t only revolve around mobile phones alone. We can also hope that we will see other innovative inventions through PCs and other devices.