Microsoft Surface Phone Might Support Android & iOS Apps, to Launch in 2017


#SurfacePhone #MicrosoftMicrosoft Surface Phone Might Support Android & iOS Apps, to Launch in 2017 : The Windows 10 powered Surface Phone from Microsoft has been in the rumors for so long time. Though there is no official indication from Microsoft about the Surface Phone becoming a reality, the latest rumors made the device to worth a wait.

The Lumia smartphones running on Windows OS never looked like a serious competitor to the iOS and Android smartphones. One important problem with the Windows devices is the lack of apps.

Not many developers are interested in creating a Windows app along with iOS and Android apps. Currently, Windows Phone occupies less than 1% of global market share. While there is no certain source back this, the latest rumor is that the Surface Phone will be able to run both Android and iOS apps on top their own Windows apps.

The device is expected to launch in first half of 2017 and might compete with several other upcoming flagship devices like Samsung Galaxy S8 and LG G6. Microsoft owning the domain also made us believe a little more about the possible launch of Surface Phone.

The kickstand which is popular on the Surface Tablets might be included on the Surface Phone as well. We can expect some beefy specifications to give seamless experience while using continuum dock to work on a bigger display.