Microsoft ‘Surface Pro 5’ release date, specs rumors: Next hybrid laptop to come in Windows 10 and Android variants?


#SurfacePro5 #MicrosoftMicrosoft Surface Pro 5 release date, specs rumors: Next hybrid laptop to come in Windows 10 and Android variants? : Many tech geeks are still waiting for how Microsoft will respond (with a new product) to Apple’s release of the refreshed line of MacBook Pro. There have been reports that point to two variants of the Surface Pro 5 with either Windows 10 or Android operating system (OS).

Microsoft is still mum about what to expect from its next flagship but there have been strong speculations that the Redmond-based tech giant is waiting for the availability of its Windows 10 Redstone 2 update as well as Intel’s Kaby Lake processing chips before it assembles the Surface Pro 5.

Taking into consideration the release of the speculated specs such as the Windows 10 Redstone 2 and Intel’s Kaby Lake chips, Microsoft’s Surface Pro 5 is more likely to be released sometime in 2017. Though Microsoft has not given any clue about the next hybrid laptop, reports are rife about its possible specs and features.

If tech enthusiasts are to follow the trend of Surface Pro, the next product reveal will be interesting considering that the current flagship Surface Pro 4 already has 256 GB internal memory storage and 16 GB random-access memory (RAM) it will be unlikely for Microsoft not to exceed that after all the time it took to release a refresh.

It is also easy to speculate that the next Surface Pro laptop will sport the USB Type-C ports, which the Surface Pro 4 does not have, since all the newly released laptops this year are including these latest type of ports to their products. Not only are the USB-C ports reversible, they also promise a faster data transfer time.

Tech Times reported that Surface Pro 5 will most likely introduce a variant with a 13.3-inch screen, which is bigger than the standard 12.3-inch display of Surface Pro 4. If Kaby Lake makes it in time for Surface Pro 5, it is also possible to support a 4K display.

Unfortunately, University Herald reported another delay being experienced in the shipment of the Kaby Lake processing chips. It also mentioned that the Surface Pro 5 will possibly be announced alongside a new Surface Pen that’s being charged once it touches the Surface Pro screen.

Meanwhile, it is best to take all this with a pinch of salt especially with the fact the Microsoft would not grant everyone a peek at what is in the pipeline for the Surface Pro 5. Source: christiantimes