Microsoft Surface Pro 5: Specs and features leaked?


#SurfacePro5 #TabletMicrosoft Surface Pro 5: Specs and features leaked? : The base model of the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 will cost you around $900 according to reports. It’s more awesome 4K UHD version could set you back by as much as $1,599.

Release Date and Specs

The Microsoft Surface Pro 5 could hit the shelves as soon as early 2017. It is supposed to have some awe-inspiring specs. A Kaby Lake processor, PixelSense display, and an improved battery performance are among these.

The Kaby Lake chipset will give the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 2017 a 25 percent boost in performance. The Video panel would be a sheer delight. The battery along with the power saving Kaby Lake will make the device one to watch out for.

The Display is supposed to be a 12.3-inch PixelSense one. 2k and 4K resolutions are expected. The RAM is pegged to be from 8GB to 16GB. A battery charge will suffice for about seven hours reports Tech Times.

An upgraded stylus is also expected by the fans. Connectivity improvements are also in order in form of Wi-Fi and USB Type-C ports. The OS is said to be Windows 10 Redstone 2. The OS update is expected to take place before the launch of the Surface Pro 5 in 2017. Users consequentially expect that the OS update will come pre-loaded with the new device.

Microsoft if offering significant discounts on the Surface Pro 4 line given the imminent launch of the Surface Pro 5. However, it is not a proposition you want to consider. iDigital Times advice you to instead wait a while for the latest line.

Cameras are these days special areas of interest. The Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is likely to ship with 16MP primary camera. This is in addition to the 8MP camera in the front. However, official sources are yet to confirm any of the speculation. Source: sportsrageous