PS4 Pro vs Xbox Scorpio: Should You Wait For Microsoft Corporation’s Offering Or Get The PS4 Pro?


#PS4Pro #XboxScorpioPS4 Pro vs Xbox Scorpio: Should You Wait For Microsoft Corporation’s Offering Or Get The PS4 Pro? : Last week, Sony released the long awaited PS4 Pro console; a mid-generational upgrade with beefier specs and 4K gaming support.

With 4K televisions starting to make their way into a lot of homes, Microsoft also announced the Xbox Scorpio which will also support 4K resolution, however, Redmond’s offering will arrive early next year.

So this begs the questions, should you wait for the Xbox Scorpio or get your hands on the PS4 Pro right now to fulfill your 4K gaming desires? Today we are going to take a look at the pros and cons of both consoles to determine which one is better suited for you.

PS4 Pro

In a surprise move, Sony revealed in September that it would launch the PS4 Pro in a matter of two months, unlike the Xbox which is slated to arrive early next year. While the console supports 4K, only a handful of games will be supporting Native 4K resolution.

Instead, most games will use something called checkerboard rendering to upscale the output to 4K. The advantage of the PS4 Pro is that it’s available now at a very reasonable price and it supports 4K output; however, the cons are that most games will be upscaled from a lower resolution and the game support is limited at the moment.

Xbox Scorpio

Microsoft’s offering, on the other hand, is slated to offer 4K native resolution in all games, instead of using some fancy rendering to make it look like 4K. So technically, the Xbox will definitely be stronger than the PS4 Pro, however as we’ve seen from early reviews, checkerboard rendering produced 4K isn’t wildly different from native 4K.

And while the Xbox will be technically superior, it’s been rumored that it will cost upwards of $399, which may definitely be a dealbreaker for many.