Microsoft Corporation Shares May Hit a 52-week High


#Microsoft #LinkedInMicrosoft Corporation Shares May Hit a 52-week High : Microsoft Corporation has been following a bullish trend recently, and it is quite likely that its shares will touch a new 52-week high today.

There has recently been a lot of optimism among brokerages, as they remain bullish than ever on the Redmond Based company. The Country Caller has analyzed most positive catalysts for the company in recent times below.

Firstly, the fundamentals of the company remain strong as the company continues to rely on newer technologies with a pro-active approach. The leadership of Satya Nadella has been a mix of both ups and downs, as he made a few wise moves in his tenure as CEO.

The Nokia acquisition was amongst the worst decisions made by the company, while integrating LinkedIn to Microsoft’s eco-system seems to be a good idea.

The 41-year-old company has continued to support its initiative toward alternative energy, while it has recently placed a huge bet on wind energy. Microsoft’s data center in Cheyenne, Wyoming, will now utilize wind energy only. While it seems to be a very good initiative, it will indeed yield its benefits in the long run only.

Other factors that might restrict stock prices from going up can be attributed to a 15% increase in short interest, which does hint that short sellers are active in the company’s stock. However, the company continues to have its prominence among institutional investors such as BlackRock institutional trust and Bank of New York.

The street confirms to its bullish views, as sell side firms such as Goldman Sachs and Barclays PLC have recently raised their price targets (PT) for the company. The consensus PT has also increased to $62.17, which now implies a 2% upside. Thus, it is quite likely that we may get to see a new 52-week high today. Source: thecountrycaller