‘Microsoft Surface phone’ 2017 release date, specs


#Microsoft #SurfacePhoneMicrosoft Surface phone 2017 release date, specs :  Speculations are rife that the first Microsoft Surface phone release date is looming. Per the rumor mill, a possible debut will be in April. After killing Nokia’s Lumia series, the Redmond tech giant already pointed out that the company won’t focus on mobile devices. The competition between Android and IOS devices had been stiff and its mobile devices had been falling off behind. So rebuilding its mobile division is not logical.

However, Windows Central  has learned that Panay Patos and his team are on the works of a smaller “Surface” device that enables users to make phone calls and send sms, which basically appears to be a mobile device of the Surface family. The tech site added, Microsoft may possibly test the waters again if a “paradigm shift” happens in the market, but Android and IOS are in the height of their success right now.

In addition, there claims that Microsoft had major holdup for the chipset of the surface phone as Intel pulled out on the mobile market. Hence, the reported Intel x86 chipset would no longer onboard on the Surface phone.

Despite the company’s statement shooting down rumors about the Microsoft Surface phone, anew Microsoft Surface phone possible release date and specs speculations make the rounds. Since the rumored device will be part of the Surface line, it is expected to come with monstrous specs, Breathecast reported.

Tech enthusiasts assume that it will pack at least 4GB RAM and an internal storage of up to 256GB. Likely, it will also sport a super camera and new innovative feature. Also, the inclusion of iris scanner and dock station capability are also on the cards.

MWC 2017 will commence in a few months from now. If the rumors are true, the most anticipated device might make an appearance at the event and a Microsoft Surface phone release date might be announced too.