NASA again cuts live feed from ISS as mysterious UFO appears on screen


#NASA #UFONASA again cuts live feed from ISS as mysterious UFO appears on screen : Extraterrestrial life has always been a woolly subject for space researchers. The expanse of the universe forces us to think over the probabilities of life on other celestial bodies. The quest for searching life other than the human race on other planets has also witnessed the events such as UFO sightings.

UFOs or Unidentified Flying Objects have been a subject of curiosity for many individuals all over the world, especially due to the lack of explanation for their presence and disappearance.

Recently, a fast moving mysterious object spotted flying by the International Space Station before its livestream went lifeless and it has intrigue scholars assuming NASA is concealing confirmation of a UFO.

A 0.31-second video footage from International Space Station (ISS) has been uploaded to YouTube by a user ColdPyro, in which a mystifying white beam is spotted rising out of the murkiness simply over Earth’s Horizon.

However, surprisingly, just before the “UFO” goes out of view, the bolster slices to a dim screen, trailed by an announcement requesting users to stick by because of technical issues. In the video footage, a small dot is spotted to emerge from the dimness, and pass through for two seconds.

Just after the pass of the mysterious dot, the feed cuts out to a gray screen, followed by a statement announcing the technical issues. However, it is not clear that when the video footage was recorded and now UFO hunters are claiming NASA to cut the feed knowingly just after the strange craft came into view.

While most of YouTube viewers of this video might not have seen anything strange, UFO seekers claim the footage as an astounding one claimed it to have the sights of UFO which is being demonstrated by the presence of a secretive rocket.

On this matter, YouTuber ColdPyro said, the video was found on the official channel of International Space Station (ISS), and it mysteriously shows up a UFO drives into the periphery and then the feed promptly cut. The strange object only appeared for 2 seconds and moved from center to the corner of the location recorded in the footage, followed by an instant cut. Source: tecake