Nokia Smartwatch ‘Moonraker’: What if Microsoft Released it? (Video)


#Nokia #MoonrakerNokia Smartwatch ‘Moonraker’: What if Microsoft Released it? (Video) : Microsoft Nokia Moonraker is the latest smartwatch that the tech company has been developing lately and we’ve been reporting news for a while about the device even though it was not released yet.  Nokia developed the smartwatch but because Microsoft bought the Finnish company the release of the gadget has been delayed.

Microsoft  Canceled The Smartwatch

It seems like some pictures of the device have been released in the past. We had the opportunity to look at a review of the smartwatch that was launched online last summer, so it may be possible that a lot of you might recognize it. It looks like the Moonraker was more than just a canceled smartwatch.

It appears that the device was ready to be launched and the only thing that was left to do is to get the green light from Nokia or Microsoft. Unfortunately, the device didn’t receive the go-ahead and the only thing left was the documentation and the pictures which show us the potential of the smartwatch.

A New Moonraker Leak Has Been Spotted

Recently, a new video of the Moonraker smartwatch has been revealed online, and it’s very similar to the one that we saw last summer. In this video, we can see the device in action. The smartwatch has a lot of features such as the Facebook app, messages or missed calls.

Also, the device features a swipe up/down type of navigation, which is a UI standard that many wearable devices embraced in the past. Another interesting feature is the step walking app. If you use this app, you can record a number of steps you do per day and the amount of time you take for walks. You can also use this app when you’re going to jogging.

The Moonraker seems to be an interesting wearable, but because of the problems that the Finnish company had, the device has never been released.  What are your thoughts about the Moonraker? Let us know in a comment below.