Apple iOS 10 Data Privacy Fail Uncovered: A Quick-Fix for All iPhone Users


Apple iOS 10 Data Privacy Fail Uncovered: A Quick-Fix for All iPhone Users : Apple is known for keeping its customers safe and secure, but occasionally it does face security issues. This time the problem is for iOS 10 users, who are vulnerable to a lock screen exploit.

This allows hackers to gain access to personal data of the users. But, there is no need to worry as a quick fix is available for the same, says a report from techtimes.

Apple iOS 10 users at risk

A YouTube channel called iDeviceHelp shared the exploit, giving a detailed look into the process. Apple iPhone with Siri enabled on its lock screen, can get its lock screen easily bypassed, offering unrestricted access to the protected data such as contacts, photos, message logs, etc.

Apple iOS 10

Apple iOS 10

All iPhones that run iOS 8 or above are vulnerable to bypassing the lock screen (passcode). To Make the exploit work, a hacker needs physical access to an iPhone with its lock screen having Siri enabled. The first thing a hacker will need to do is call the iPhone, which they intend to gain access into.

How can a hacker access your device?

In case, the hacker doesn’t know the number then they can Siri ‘Who am I?’ and get the number. Making a FaceTime call to the iPhone is equally effective, says techtimes. The next step is to opt for the Message option in the incoming screen followed by choosing “Custom”.

After this, a screen opens where a message can be made for responding to a call. Next step is to enable the ‘Voice Over Mode’ by instructing Siri to ‘turn on voice over.’ This enables the accessibility feature, which reads out the items on the display.

The next step is somewhat tricky, and precision in timing is required to perform it. The hacker is required to double tap the name of the person messaged, and perform the double action of holding it and at the same time clicking immediately and tapping on a random key in the keyboard.

This opens ‘to’ field, making it possible to sift through the existing contacts in the iPhone. This way, breaking into an iPhone becomes possible for the hacker. The ‘i’ icon located next to the contact shows all the details of that specific contact on being pressed. The hacker is also able to create a new contact, giving him an access to all the photos in the camera roll.

A quick fix available

Apple users, however, can save their devices from getting hacked. They need to disable Siri from iPhone’s lock screen. For this, they need to open the settings on their iPhone and navigate to the Touch ID and Passcode option.

The user is required to enter the passcode, and then scroll to ‘Reply with Message’ option. Toggle needs to be turned off after which the user will not be able to reply to a message from his iPhone’s lock screen, and hence, all concerns will be alleviated.