Best Deals For Xbox One On 2016 Black Friday: Best Buy, Walmart, Target


Best Deals For Xbox One On 2016 Black Friday: Best Buy, Walmart, Target : Xbox One is the best gaming console on the market and this year’s Black Friday, the fans are expecting some exciting deals for Microsoft’s device. NDP Group reports that the Xbox One is the best-selling console for the last three months in the US. It seems like a lot of retailers have some pretty good deals and discounts for the device.

Best Buy Offers A Free Controller For The Console

Best Buy has an exciting offer for the Xbox One on this Black Friday. If you purchase the version that has 1 TB of space storage, you’ll get a free Xbox wireless controller.

Usually, the controller costs $59.99, but with this Xbox One bundle, you can have it for free. Also, the retailer has some pretty decent deals for Xbox games. You can purchase games such as Fifa 17, NBA 2K17 or Battlefield 1 for only $29.99.

Walmart Offers The Xbox One For $249

The retailer has a good offer for the fans which wants to purchase the Xbox One. They can buy the console for $249 which means that the Xbox One received a $50 discount. Also, the wireless controller will get a $20 price cut which will make the accessory to cost only $39.99.

The Games Will Be Cheaper On Black Friday

A lot of games will receive a massive discount on Black Friday, and of course, most of them will get the price cut depending on how old the game is. Titles such as Star Wars: Battlefront, or Far Cry 4 can be purchased for $15 while games like Grand Theft Auto 5, NBA 2K17, Skyrim or Overwatch will be available for $25.

Target Give A Free $40 Gift Card

Probably the best deal for the Xbox One on this year’s Black Friday comes from Target. Besides the $50 price cut for the bundle that features either the Battlefield 1 or Minecraft for $249.99, the retailer is also giving a free $40 gift card.

That being said, there are some pretty good deals for Microsoft’s gaming console, nd the fans can’t wait to purchase the device. What are your thoughts on these deals for the Xbox One? Let us know in a comment below