Galaxy Note 8 Release Date, Specs, Features, Price, Rumors


Galaxy Note 8 Release Date, Specs, Features, Price, Rumors : With Samsung attempting to put the Galaxy Note 7 debacle firmly in the past, attention is already turning it to the now widely expected Galaxy Note 8. There have been suggestions that Samsung would abandon the Galaxy Note branding after the disaster of the Galaxy Note 7 infamously exploding, but it is now expected instead that the Korean corporation will continue with this popular phablet series.

Galaxy Note 8 Release date

There is already some debate over when the Galaxy Note 8 will appear on the shelves. The natural release date for this phablet would be towards the end of 2017, shortly before the release of Apple’s iPhone 8. However, it has been suggested in some quarters that Samsung could release the next generation device earlier than would usually be the case, in an attempt to recover from the financial losses incurred by the Galaxy Note 7.

Possibly an earlier release date than the Galaxy Note 7 should be expected.


Samsung has made its reputation with visual technology in recent years, becoming the world’s largest seller of televisions back in 2008, and retaining this title ever since. The trend has continued in its mobile releases, with the curved screen technology introduced by Samsung over the last few years proving particularly popular.

With this in mind, Samsung is expected to deliver some outstanding technology with the Galaxy Note 8 display, in an attempt to get customers back on side with the device range. And one of the particularly intriguing suggestions for the Galaxy Note 8 display is that Samsung could finally include the foldable screen technology which it first demonstrated at a trade show several years ago.

This could be coupled with the introduction of 4K resolution for the first time in a Samsung handset, and the two elements together would surely result in an outstanding device. This would particularly facilitate virtual reality, which Samsung is pushing with its Gear technology.