Microsoft Surface Pro 4, Surface Book and Xbox One Prices Slashed for Black Friday 2016


Microsoft Surface Pro 4, Surface Book and Xbox One Prices Slashed for Black Friday 2016 : If you were to ask a Microsoft Lumia device user what they think of the smartphone, most of them will tell you that it is the most amazing smartphone they have ever used and that they have no regrets about it but things are certainly not as bright as it seems.

Some users went on Reddit to talk about their regrets after getting their Microsoft Lumia smartphone. One user said that he was forced to get another smartphone after Microsoft announce that they will not be offering the Windows 10 update for the Lumia 900 device.

Other added that while they enjoy using the Windows-powered Lumia devices, they can’t really live with just the Windows powered phone alone. More than a few of them admitted that they had a secondary smartphone because they don’t want to feel left out.

We know that the Windows OS is always the last to get the new and popular apps and instead of waiting, most users will just get another smartphone so that they can enjoy the best of both worlds.Microsoft is one such company that has huge Black Friday 2016 deals coming up, especially when it comes to the fan favorites Surface and Xbox devices.

While it is easy to find companies that care less about Black Friday deals, Microsoft has you at heart during this holiday shopping season. Some could be excited with the fact that Microsoft has its own Black Friday 2016 deals in the hope that the recently-announced hardware that includes the Surface Book, are part of the discounted products.

Well, you will be disappointed, especially given that some devices launched at last month’s Windows event will not start shipping until 2017. Nonetheless, the official Microsoft Store still carries a wide variety of other devices, among them the Surface series, PC-based VR headsets as well as Xbox gear, among others.